Thipno – Dinner

All dinners served with Greek salad, rice or lemon garlic potatoes and bread

Skewers of tender seasoned meat, marinated and grilled

Chicken   16.95    Lamb   22.95    Beef tenderloin   21.95    Pork   16.95
Wild Caught Prawns   22.95

Greece’s famous pita sandwich with fresh tomato, onion, zatziki sauce and feta cheese
(Choice of white or whole wheat pita)

Beef   15.95     Chicken   15.95     Lamb   18.95

Arni Sto Fourno …… 20.95
Slow baked leg of lamb with garlic cloves, cooked in tomato and olive oil

Lamb Chops  ……. 20.95
12 ounces, rubbed with Greek spices, lightly marinated and grilled

Rack of Lamb …….  26.95
Melt in your mouth tender, perfectly seasoned, marinated and grilled

Kota Skaras ……. 19.95
Local Osprey Hill Farms half chicken, organic fed, pasture raised seasoned and marinated

(Please allow 30 minutes for preparation for items above)

Athenian Steak   …… 20.95

Tender New York steak, done Greek style with olive oil, oregano, fresh lemon and grilled to order

Ouzo Meatballs  ……. 16.95
Seasoned Greek meatballs grilled and served with a tiropita

Baby Back Ribs  …….  18.95
Delicious fall off the bone ribs,   rubbed in Greek spices  and grilled

Mousaka  …….. 16.95
Greece’s famous egg  plant casserole, baked with delicious meat sauce and topped with béchamel sauce

Pasticho …….. 16.95
A Greek pasta casserole with delicious meat sauce and topped with béchamel sauce

Greek Plate  ……. 16.95
Combination plate of beef dolmathes and fresh baked spanakopita

Greek Platter For Two   ……. 37.95
Our Greek feast of feta and kalamata olive appetizer, Greek salad, spanakopita, domathes,  mousaka or pasticho and souvlaki

Kalamari  ……. 16.95
Tender squid rings, breaded with Greek spices and gently fried


Vegetarian Greek Plate  ……. 16.95
Fresh Baked spanakopita, vegetarian dolmathes served with our vegan lemon garlic potatoes


Homemade falafel on an open face pita with fresh veggies, feta cheese and zatziki sauce. Served with lemon garlic potatoes

Vegetarian Gyro  …….  12.95
Lightly toasted pita with zatziki sauce, lettuce, fresh tomato, onion, cucumber, and feta cheese, choice of white or whole wheat pita and served with lemon garlic potatoes

Vegetarian Souvlaki  ……. 14.95
Two skewers of onion, tomato, green pepper, mushroom and broccoli, marinated in olive oil, fresh lemon and Greek oregano,  lightly grilled, served with lemon garlic potatoes

Ask your server for our large selection of  gluten free and dairy free items
(Please add 2.00 for splitting dinners)